Alex Hale started in HWL at Victory Road 2008, where he debuted as John Cena facing Ric Flair. After months of struggling in the Mid-Card, he finally won his first Championship after feuds with HHH and Ron Killings as the World Tag Team Champion with Karl Malone (Will Artist Cooper). Soon after that he won Feast or Fired which contained the World Heavyweight Championship title shot. He went on soon after to feud with The Undertaker and defeated him in Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania. After that he won the American Heavyweight Championship for the first of his record 5 times. After failing in the HWL Cup in 2009, at Victory Road one year after debuting, he cashed in his Feast or Fired contract, but failed after David Arquette interfered. A week later though he would win his first World Heavyweight Championship and would hold it for 35 days. After winning his first World Title, he decided to hold off on his World Title pursuit and went after the American Heavyweight Championship and would win it and hold it for a record that still stands today at 110 days. In the process would hold the Legend's Championship. While feuding with The Hellraisers, he formed a Tag Team with Ron Killings and it would be soon the most successful Tag Team ever in Thugs N' Truth (TNT). They would win 4 World Tag Team Titles in their history. He would win the World Heavyweight Championship again and in the process would win the first ever World Series of Wrestling Championship, beating Carlito in 7 matches in the Finals. Cena would soon lose the title to his newest and biggest rival, JBL. After holding the title multiple times, the two would face off for the Legend's Championship at Wrestlemania, where Cena would win. He went ater the HWL Cup again, but failed to win and afterwards would retire as Cena and took a month break. After a month he would return as The Halestorm, a created character and would have a semi-successful run, winning the Extreme Championship and holding it for 100 days, the American Heavyweight and the World Heavyweight Championship, he would lose a retirement match to Douglas Williams, ending his short run. He would return again as John Cena, who attacked him and cost him his career and went heel for the 2nd time. He would team with David Arquette and his old rival JBL, forming the Hollywood Holocaust.

In the new formation of HWL, he is the World Heavyweight Champion as CM Punk. He also plays Brian Pillman and Cryme Tyme.

He also created his own league in HWE and also played as John Cena in KWA. He remains one of the greatest players ever, as the only man to win the Top 3 HWL Titles (World, American, and Tag Team) at least 5 Times. He also remains one of the few men to win the KWA, HWE, and HWL World Heavyweight Championships.